The Best Six Months of My Life

Wow. I can’t believe that it has been six months already. It’s been an amazing time getting acquainted to married life. I’ve learned so much, and have grown up a whole lot more along the process.

I’ve learned to be patient to the degree of being inhuman.

I’ve learned to have faith where there’s no room to have any.

I’ve learned to listen carefully and give up my ego in exchange for harmony.

I try not to be a braggart or anything; but I really have to say that I am married to the most awesome woman creation has ever produced. It has been a blessing to know her, and it’s also a matter of pride to say that of all the people on earth, I know her the most.

She has recently become children’s minister at our local church, and I have learned so much from her on how to relate to children. We make a great team on Sunday morning when we lead children’s services, and she’s gained quite the following with the parents.

In other news:

I have recently left Systems, Inc for a sysadmin position at USF Research Computing. I want to show appreciation to Curtis Falany, who has trained me from a Linux neophyte to a relied-upon guru who helps administer a half-teraflop supercomputing cluster. He was totally the best boss ever. I’ll have a lot of fun and challenges at RC, but I won’t forget those summer afternoons strategizing with him over sweet iced tea.

I now take a couple of courses at USF, winding down to graduation. It’s so weird being a professional person now. I thought my destiny would be just going to school forever.

Maybe I’ll post more often, but you had better check because I run that too to show off the crazy things we do with Linux and a lot of hardware.