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I'm Back!
A Personal Update
Repurposing a Media PC Case's LCD Display
Using JSON Schema to Define Bill of Materials for Work Standardization
People Metrics
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Securing AWS ELBs Against CVE-2014-3566 (Poodle)
Misconceptions about Mitigating Heartbleed
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Full-Context Highlighted Search With egrep
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Easy Multi-User S3 Policy
Real-Time Traffic Analysis 2: Varnish
Real-Time Traffic Analysis 1: GoAccess
Moved to Octopress
Fun With Command-Line SIP
Nagios Voice Alerts Using Gmail and Android
pdsh - A Sysadmin's Secret Weapon
Nagios Error 127- An Unusual Solution
A Season of Change
SGE Arraytasks and Matlab
Barcamp and Eating My Words
Boo, Intel. Boo..
Migrated to Jekyll
Moving from Perl/PHP to Python/Pylons
Dropbox and EncFS- A Great Combo
A blast from the past..
Current FCC Net Neutrality Rules... Bad? Recent Launch
Another Reason to Boycott Best Buy
The Possible Future of the American Internet- A Warning
A Montage of Palin Supporters
An Open Internet is Essential for America
Retrospect is 20-20- Thoughts on Solaris 10
Open Letter to Steve Jobs
nagg- Nagios Plugin for the Frugal-Minded
Required Watching- "High Tech Soul"
Dynamic RedHat Kickstarts With PHP
Quick and Dirty Password Management with GPG/Zenity
X11 Forwarding Without Installing X
Desktop Envy.
Pac-Man Flower Pot
Perl-Fu- Install Linux En-Masse Using OMAPI/MySQL
Valentines Day 2009
Super Happy Unix Time 1234567890
Minimalist Linux For Netbooks, Part II
Minimalist Linux For Netbooks, Part I
Summer Update
It's a Boy!
The Best Six Months of My Life
Note to self- use ssh-copy-id
Ishkur's Guide to Electronic Music
Fun with Bash, Part Deux- a To-Do List GTK+ Frontend
Check out
Fun with Bash- Implementing a To-Do List
Beginning of Semester