Fun with Bash, Part Deux- a To-Do List GTK+ Frontend

Time to get in your face once more with some Bash silliness.

I demonstrated how simple text files and a shellscript can generate a to-do list and a schedule for the next three days, which you can stick in your root window.

I wasn’t done. Next, I wanted to write a program which given user input would generate the schedule files for you without knowledge of the file conventions. I’m a Bash scripter, but I think it would be so cool to do this graphically (coz scanf/ in a terminal window is so lame if you are running X)

Enter Zenity. It’s a command line app that takes user input via GTK+ using common various GUI constructs (radio buttons, etc) and dumps results to stdout. Hmm. I wonder how I can use this:

At any rate: That application and a newer version of the to-do list generator are here:

Download tar.gz GPL

Have Fun! Feel free to give me feedback on improvements.