Beginning of Semester

Let’s begin with a mini-rant, shall we?

The first day of fall semester at USF was the usual parking tirade, but worse. People HAD to park on haphazardly-created lots on the grass. People circled around lots waiting for an opening for long periods of time. Meanwhile, behind the engineering buildings, I see this beaut:

Explain this to me, USF. EXPLAIN IT.

Anyways, Heather and I met a really cool guy at the Sacred Grounds coffeehouse. He had Vista on his computer, therefore, he had a need. Magically I had some Ubuntu CDs in my pack that night. Well, he’s running feisty with a smile on his face.

Yay for him. Hopefully he gets his broadcom card to work ;-(

At any rate, things are going great. Heather is beautiful, our friends are wonderful, Advanced Java is easy.. and I hope I get more income pretty soon.